Our safety commitment

Our top priority is the safety of our riders and drivers. we will make sure the ride is safe, reliable, and comfortable.


Security and safety

Our drivers

Drivers must pass a background check before driving with Gridetech. We also continuously monitor our drivers and when necessary, we deactivate drivers.

Our technology

Our drivers are monitored closely to ensure safety while driving, helping to detect if a trip goes unusually off-course or if a possible crash has occurred.

Driver safety education

All drivers must complete a safety training program before being verified.


  • Driver Resposibilities

Drivers are responsible for driving their vehicles in a safe and professional manner and must comply with all driving laws. All drivers must also go through screening and have a valid driver's license

  • Staying Safe

Seat belts are mandatory and must be used by all vehicle occupants. Any malfunctioning seat belts should be reported for repair and failure to comply with this policy can result in account termination.

  • Children in Vehicle

Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult 18 or older to ride. Riders must bring a car seat for children who require one.


Safety Tips

  • View your driver

Once matched with a rider or driver, their name, profile photo, and ratings can be viewed.

  • Privacy protection

Your phone number or personal information are never shared with other drivers or riders.

  • Sharing your location

For extra peace of mind, let loved ones see where you are, in real time through location sharing.